Leopard Skinned
Leopard Skinned
California Customs' 1999 Silverado
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California Customs' wild '99 Chevy Silverado is a true 3-week wonder. The buildup of this truck began the day the truck arrived. California Customs USA took delivery of the truck exactly 3 weeks before the SEMA 98, the annual aftermarket equipment expo in Las Vegas.
Side/Rear View Before the truck went in the paint booth, the custom body modifications were done. These include shaved door handles, and a shaved tailgate handle. A smooth roll pan was added in the rear and molded into the lower fenders.
The wild paint scheme that screams custom was done by Dick Vales. The truck was given an awesome array of candy colors and detailed Leopard skin airbrush effects. The leopard skin wraps around the truck, from the front fenders to the tailgate, enclosed in flames in front and scallops at the rear. The complete package creates a totally "new" and custom look that makes this truck stand out from a crowd of customs.

Believe it or not, the suspension modifications were done last on this truck. The truck was literally slammed overnight, and loaded on a truck the next day to make it to the SEMA show in Las Vegas!

The suspension was slammed using a brand new DJM kit, which uses lower control arms and drop coil springs up front, and a flip-kit at the rear. The result is a street-friendly stance, measuring 5-inches lower up front and 7-inches lower out back.

Rear View
Front View

Front Fender Detail

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