Kal Koncepts Exclusive Shop Tour

If you follow custom trucks, then you have probably heard of Kal Koncepts and Air Sydicate. The masterminds behind these shops, Dion, Kyle, and Craig, have revolutionized the ins and outs of custom painting. Located in Bakersfield, California, and known as the "Bad Boys" of paint, they have set the trend in custom painting and it seems everyone is trying to copy them. But take one look at the "real thing," and you will realize, no one else is even close. Their distinct designs and airbrush-detailed graphics set them far apart form the rest.

Kal Koncepts is not just a custom paint shop anymore. The "Bad Boys" of paint have now expanded their facility to all aspects of customizing. They are the largest distributor of Trenz products and they also carry rims by Colorado Customs and Weld Racing. Watch out ‘cause these guys do it all now.

Kal Koncepts recently held the grand opening of their new shop. There were dozens of custom cars and trucks on display, each one reinforcement that there is nothing like a true Kal Koncepts custom. We were there and brought back tons of photo highlights for you to check out. We took a peek inside the paint booth at one insane custom in progress, and got plenty of pictures from the Interior of the ship, a true sport truck enthusiast's Mecca.
You can stop and visit Kal Koncepts at their new shop:

Kal Koncepts
3951 South "H" Street
Bakersfield, CA 93304

Or give them a buzz at (805)833-8486.


Check out the pictures of the shop and some of the wild rides in attendance and see why these guys are known as the "Bad Boys" of paint. Cruise through these pages filled with trucks, rods, cars, and just about everything else that Kal Koncepts transformed from ordinary to absolutely insane.

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