Tim's '95 Tacoma
Tim's 1995 Toyota Tacoma

In Arizona, desert roads seem to go on forever without end. The vast, open spaces and desolate land seem to indicate that you won't find much of anything but heat and sand. And then you see Tim's pavement-scraping Toyota. This wild creation, owned by Tim McAleenan, is certainlly no desert shrub. And it's more then just a complement to the landscape, this truck holds its own with its unique style and custom tricks.

Tim is a proud member of of Pharcyde Customs, a club with chapters in Mesa, Arizona and Reno, Nevada. When Tim is out cruising his truck around his hometown of Chandler, Arizona, we're sure he gets all the attention.

Momo 17-inch Ferrari wheels The first thing that catches your eye on this smooth truck are the stand-out rims. The Momo Ferrari wheels just scream race with their 17-inches of diameter and 7.5-inches of their width bolted on all four corners. They’re wrapped with Yokohama 215/40r17 rubber, which tucks neatly into the fenderwells. Behind the rear wheels you will find that the stock brake drums have been chromed and polished.
But Tim's truck is much more than a set of aftermarket wheels, the extensive custom body and suspension work puts this truck into a class all its own. The body modifications are placed where they will get the most attention: at the rear. What good is a custom front end when everyone will just be eating your dust anyways?

Custom bed and body work

The bed and body work was performed by Joe Burdolski from Honda Cars of Mesa, Arizona.To start things off, the gas-filler door was shaved to smooth out the bed sides. The rear of the truck was completely smoothed, including the removal of the stock taillights and tailgate handle. And Tim didn't stop there, he had Joe mold the whole tailgate into the body of his truck, while a Sir Michael’s steel roll pan was welded and smoothed into place. Then, Toyota Supra taillights were frenched into the roll pan. To mix things up a bit, the license plate was frenched into the center of the tailgate.

Smooth tailgate and Toyota Supra taillights

The result is amazing. The mild body crease on the top of the tailgate really stands out, and the Supra taillights look right at home in their custom recess.

Custom bridged rear frame and airbag suspension

Underneath all of the custom sheet metal sits a host of custom suspension work. The rear suspension features a bridged frame with a Firestone airbag on each side. The stock leaf springs were flipped to drop the rear, while the custom frame gives the clearance to put the rear of this truck on the ground. The front of the truck was brought down by cutting the stock coil springs. Drop shocks were added to smooth out the ride on all four corners.
The interior reamins stock, with the exception of a wood dash kit which was added by Tim. The exterior is covered by the stock Evergreen paint. The the mirrors, front valence, and center rim caps were all painted to match. Tony Schumacher handled the paint work. Custom wood interior
And this truck isn't just for looks, it's real transportation. The stock engine propels this daily-driven truck, which has already passed the 40,000 mile mark.

Pharcyde Customs - "...And on the Eighth Day, God Created Mini Trucks!"

If you happen to be crusing through the Arizona desert and think there is nothing more than sand and cactus out there, remeber Tim's Tacoma, and the other Pharcyde customs that cruise the back roads and desert highways.

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