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Green Pastel Izusu

Take a step inside Street Boutique and tour one of Northern California’s premiere sport and mini-truck headquarters. When it comes to extreme custom building skills, Street Boutique definitely excels. Specializing in all your customizing needs, they do anything from simple suspension drops, to full on extreme customs.

Street Boutique Shop

If you don’t already recognize the name Street Boutique, refer to the March 1997 issue of Mini-Truckin' magazine -- just take a look at the cover. Yep, that’s one of their creations. Tim Parker is the proud owner of both that cover truck and Street Boutique.

Izusu Pickup

Placing all his crazy ideas and time into his 1992 Izuzu pickup sure paid off. How many people do you know that have had their rides show up on the cover of a magazine? Now that his truck has been featured on a cover, Tim has gone back to the drawing board and decided to totally redo the truck. Tim has promised us an exclusive and up close feature on the "new" Street Boutique truck as soon as it’s completed. We can’t wait.


Project "Big Dangler"

Here’s a look at what is currently going on at the shop. Project "Big Dangler," as we were told, is a 1995 Toyota mini. This truck has been customized to the fullest amount in our opinion. Even though the truck lacks its custom paint and interior, it has already become a hot topic on the mini-truck scene.


Low on Air

Sporting a massive 4 inch body drop, along with a full four-wheel airbag system, this thing defines the word low. With the air system drained, the truck rests with not only the frame, but also the entire body on the ground. Now that’s low. The truck is currently rolling on a set of 17 inch Centerlines rims, which tuck even at ride height. Apparently the truck has been lowered so much, Tim had to install a tilt bed on the truck so they would be able to remove the rear tires.

Custom Tailgate

Along with its massive drop, the truck also features several other modifications. The tailgate was welded smooth, and now houses a custom set of rear taillights, custom roll pan, and a flush-mounted gas filler. As far as suspension goes, we already told you about the full air bag system, but we didn’t include the custom set of trailing arms made by Street Boutique. The Toyota's original rear frame and suspension has been removed and replaced with Street Boutique's tube frame mini-bridge. There are so many modifications that have been performed on this truck, we’ve only made a small dent in them. will be keeping a close eye on this project, and we’ll be the first to bring you in full contact with it when it’s finished.

Street Botique's Tube Frame Mini-Bridge

Street Boutique is basically your one stop, custom shop. Whether you need a minor window tint job, or a full-on, all-out show truck, the gang at Street Boutique can handle it. Give them a call today to schedule your next custom, and tell them you saw them on!


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