Vehicle: '96 Chevy Astro
Owner: Dan Proctor

Simi Valley, CA
What more could you want, a slammed cruisin' van with more style than you can shake a stick at. Just ask Dan "Bubba" Proctor, his van shows some serious style. He began with a 1996 Chevy Astro van. Knowing that his van would be need a bit of paint work, he went about shaving anything and everything that might get in the way. Gone were all handles, key holes, and the complete lower body line.

The rear was smoothed out by shaving the license plate box, wiper and handle. A steel roll pan was then welded in place and molded smooth. A set of clear tail lights complete the back-end. The front was brought up to par with a billet grille and polished bow tie. Paint and body work was performed by J&S Customs, Jer-K Designs, and Wes-Side Creations.

Inside, a Billet Specialties steering wheel and billet shift column spice up the dash. A Pioneer audio system handles the sounds.

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The van was grounded with Firestone air bags, complete with quick air valves, by Poorboyz Customz. Concept Neeper 18x7" Shadows were bolted on the corners, and covered with 245/40/18 Nitto rubber.

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